VOwebshop.nl – One-stop-shop for secondary educational learning aids

VOwebshop.nl provides full logistical handling services of learning aid kits for students and secondary education institutions. Students can check their kits online and order whatever materials they need for direct home delivery.

VOwebshop.nl offers overview and ease of use. We prepare all learning aids selected by a particular school for easy inspection by the students, who can place their orders having verified the correct composition of the package. The materials will then be delivered in time for the start of the school year. All in one unified online platform. Currently, a pilot is in progress, testing the services offered by VOwebshop.nl.

Advantages of VOwebshop.nl

  • Schools save time and money by outsourcing the logistical process and having the students themselves check the contents of learning aid kits.
  • Students receive their kits, home-delivered, in time for the start of each new term.
  • Students can order their complete kits online in one place, in one time.
  • Access through unique student accounts for accurate ordering and total safety.

Mission and vision

VOwebshop.nl is a learning aid platform under construction, offering students and schools in the field of secondary education overview, ease of use and efficiency. We provide the services we offer by combining optimal, effective use of IT technology with years of experience in secondary education and unique partnerships with leading suppliers of learning materials and educational publishers. We offer schools and students peace of mind, allowing them to focus on personal growth and educational development.