One-stop IT shop for training, learning and certifying

Slimindeklas.nl is a unique place where teachers and teaching assistants in secondary and vocational education, as well as their pupils and students, meet to ‘train, learn and certify’ for all common software applications.

Slimindeklas.nl offers a broad training portfolio aimed at ICT professionals, teachers, school personnel and school management. In our training courses, both online and on-premises, we cover current issues of education, contributing to the effective use of ICT in the field of education. Our training programs are set up in such a way that participants can directly put their newly acquired skills into practice.

Apart from this, Slimindeklas.nl offers a range of possibilities for learning and certifying. Training courses and practice modules add to familiarity with and the ability to effectively use common software tools, including applications from Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco. Teachers, teaching assistants, pupils and students have the option to complete their training by taking an official exam, allowing them to qualify for an internationally accepted certification. Concrete, tangible proof of the knowledge and skills they have acquired, and a boost to their chances in the labour market. .

Advantages of Slimindeklas.nl

  • Relevant, up-to-data training offering for teachers in secondary and vocational education.
  • Slimindeklas.nl offers teachers practical e-learning and tools for the efficient use of specific software applications, allowing them to even better support their pupils or students and add rich content to their classes.
  • Slimindeklas.nl offers teachers, students, instructors and teaching assistants the opportunity to acquire official certifications for all common software applications.
  • Slimindeklas.nl also offers training courses, workshops and inspirational sessions on-premises.

Mission and vision

Adding to the fun of learning and working by teaching students and instructors how to use common software applications to optimal effect. Supporting effective use of software to enhance the ability to learn and make classes more interesting. Making official certifications available to all. This is our mission at Slimindeklas.nl. We are committed to providing a low-threshold, accessible and affordable service offering, encouraging teachers, pupils and students to fully benefit from all the advantages ICT has to offer and contributing to personal development, improved employability and smarter education.