Software, hardware and accessories for The Learning Netherlands

Slim.nl offers software, hardware and accessories for special education prices. Slim.nl is committed to making and keeping the digital world accessible to the maximum population of pupils, students, parents, teachers and teaching assistants.

Slim.nl offers pupils, students, teachers and teaching assistants the unique opportunity to easily order legitimate top-brand software applications, subscriptions, hardware and accessories at premium discounts.

Advantages of Slim.nl

  • Slim.nl offers software and hardware from leading suppliers like Microsoft, Norton and Adobe. You always get the most recent versions.
  • Slim.nl offers the sharpest available prices, including shipping (and fast delivery).
  • For educational institutions holding license agreements from one of our partner companies, student licenses often come free or at highly competitive prices.
  • We offer great specials and unique offers at important dates or fun moments throughout the school year.

Mission and vision

Slim.nl feels that the best learning aids should be available to everyone interested in learning and growing. That is why we work closely together with leading software and hardware suppliers to secure the best deals for pupils, students, parents, teachers and teaching assistants, enabling educational institutions to take their service to the next level by partnering with Slim.nl.