Expert in software, licences and purchasing with corresponding services for schools

Since its establishment in 1992, SLBdiensten has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the most sought-after software partners for secondary and vocational education institutions. With the expertise and purchasing power SLBdiensten brings to the table, schools benefit from a well-balanced, up-to-date product offering in the field of software and software licenses.

Virtually all secondary and vocational education institutions in The Netherlands rely on SLBdiensten to source current software products that fit their needs at the best prices in the market and at the best conditions available. To provide the services we offer, SLBdiensten works closely together with the best and best-known software providers in the field.

Advantages of purchasing through SLBdiensten:

  • One source for all your software needs, including licenses.
  • Best prices at the best conditions.
  • To be able to continuously keep our offering up-to-date, SLBdiensten works closely together with leading software suppliers.
  • SLBdiensten is your guarantee for secure purchasing and expert support in state-of-the-art software implementation.
  • In many cases, educational institutions purchasing software licenses, can use Slim.nl to make their licensed applications available to pupils, students, teachers and teaching assistants at premium discounts.

Mission and vision

What the Dutch knowledge industry needs more than anything else, is access to highly-educated professionals who know how to apply modern ICT and make the best of the wide range of educational opportunities it has to offer. The availability of up-to-date software and state-of-the-art hardware is of essential importance, especially in the field of education. After all, this is where the professionals of the future are being trained. This is why SLBdiensten is committed to facilitate effective education by supplying the competitively priced software needed to support, and where possible improve, the entire process of education and learning.