The connecting link between vocational education and student

MBOwebshop.nl is the premium portal for students in vocational education, enabling them to directly order everything they need throughout the school year. All participating educational institutions can prepare their own custom learning aid kits, making them readily available in our secure webshop, where MBOwebshop.nl offers the connecting link between school and student, handling all logistical and administrative processing.

MBOwebshop.nl offers schools and students a uniquely facilitating platform. The schools themselves can prepare custom learning aid packages catered to the needs of individual students and ranging from textbooks, teaching materials and tools to field trips and assignments. Students logging in at the start of a school year, can immediately see what they will need for the upcoming term. Check a few boxes, make an online payment and that is all there is to it. MBOwebshop.nl will make sure everything is delivered on time and takes care of all administrative processing, both for standard materials and for specific items offered by the school itself.

Advantages of MBOwebshop.nl

  • Schools save time and money in preparing, managing and distributing lists of learning aids.
  • Students automatically get the right offers at the right time. And for the right price: there are no surcharges at MBOwebshop.nl.
  • Access through unique student and school accounts for complete accuracy and total safety.
  • Control remains with the educational institute. MBOwebshop.nl supplies execution and innovation.
  • MBOwebshop.nl works closely together with all leading suppliers of learning aids in The Netherlands.

Mission and vision

MBOwebshop.nl is the ultimate intermediary, connecting vocational education institutions with their students, offering overview, simplicity and efficiency. We do this by optimal and effective deployment of state-of-the-art IT technology, combining our processing excellence with years of expertise in the field of vocational education and unique partnerships with suppliers of learning materials and educational publishers, keeping education affordable for all and professional training accessible to everyone.