Inspiration platform on technology in education

ICTheek informs teachers, ICT professionals and managers in the field of secondary and vocational education on the subject of ICT and education. ICTheek reports on the benefits and necessity of technology deployment in educational institutions, sharing expert views, success stories and challenges. It makes ICTheek the ultimate inspiration platform for educational professionals.

ICTheek is your source for relevant news stories on ICT in the field of education. Taylor-made news: always current, always meaningful and always inspiring continued innovation in the education industry. Our digital ICTheek platform is complemented with the printed ICT Magazine, which is published on a four-monthly basis.

Advantages of ICTheek

  • ICTheek publishes up-to-date and relevant information on the cutting edge of ICT and education.
  • We also share best practices, case studies and hints and tips, intended to inform and inspire.
  • ICTheek offers teachers, ICT personnel and other educational stakeholders valuable insight in the digital transformation.
  • All stories published on ICTheek are written by professional journalists and editors.

Mission and vision

It is important for teachers to keep developing their knowledge and to focus on what truly matters: providing high-quality, up-to-date education. The proper use of digital assets is a crucial part of this socially essential commitment. But what are these assets, and how should they be implemented? ICTheek shares information and expertise on the use of technology in schools and offers a low-threshold, reliable and professional platform for the exchange of ideas. It is our contribution to facilitating and supporting educational innovation.