Harnessing the power of technology to facilitate high-quality education and optimal talent development. This is our daily commitment at Kofschip Groep. Our vision is that for the Dutch educational industry digital solutions and software that works can make a world of difference. A huge positive effect in result: improved efficiency, better performance, more room for development and growth. For students and teachers, for teaching assistants and school boards. In elementary-, secondary- and vocational education and universities.

About Kofschip Groep

Who are we?
Kofschip Groep has been established from the desire to drive innovation in the Dutch educational industry by using proven and emerging technologies. The group is consists of leading businesses that have innovation, technology and education embedded in their DNA. With Slim.nl, MBOwebshop.nl, VOwebshop.nl, Slimindeklas.nl, SLBdiensten, IT-Workz and Breens.nl we have built a unique and distinguishing brand portfolio. We speak the language of our customers, we know what is current in the market place and we are aware of the challenges faced on a daily basis in board rooms, teachers’ rooms and class rooms. We have a staff of 120 passionate professionals. The Kofschip Groep is headquartered in Amsterdam.

What does Kofschip Groep do?
Technology makes life easier and more agreeable. So why should it not do the same for education? At Kofschip Groep, we develop solutions based on software, hardware, cloud and on-site networking, traditional and digital learning aids. We provide license purchasing, system and solution development and implementation, system administration, training and project management, all at highly competitive prices. We do this by working with independent businesses, each with their own specific strengths, who combine power of innovation and IT expertise with years of experience in the educational marketplace. Because our brands are a perfect fit of synergetic diversity, we are able to supply unique solutions for the entire range of major and minor challenges in the modern field of education. Innovative, up-to-date and providing clear added value to the end user.

Who do we innovate for?
Our innovations are aimed at lifelong learning. We make it easier for pupils and students to find their way in the maze of instructional offerings and develop their skills in the most productive way possible. We offer teachers intelligent, practical solutions that allow them to focus fully on what they do best – teaching, supporting their students, investing in their personal growth. We provide school boards with the tools they need to offer an up-to-date range of educational services, improve the quality of education, optimise business management and reduce cost.

Our services

Slim in
de klas

Procurement of Software licenses for schools, teachers and students


Digital learning and working environment


Managed Services & support desks


Implementation and management of local and cloud ICT


Developing employees and students’ ICT skills thru training and certification


Innovative ways to provide students with distribution of folio, software and digital learnings


Materials and settlement of school-based costs

ICT Staffing solutions          

Knowledge platform


*also visited by teachers


Ever since the establishment of our company, in 1992, we have been the connecting link between the educational industry and the IT sector. Initially, we primarily operated from the complex challenge of supplying licenses to educational institutions, with all their individual user populations, in the most attentive and flexible way possible. Meanwhile, we have developed into a broadly-oriented specialist, operating from the desires and demands in the field of education to create connections with leading partners in the marketplace. Not just software developers, but educational publishers as well, along with distributors of traditional learning aids and organisations active in the field of knowledge, learning and personal development. We understand the needs and motivations of pupils, students and educational institutions and we make the necessary translations to our partners, enabling us to provide custom support to all parties involved in education and to supply solutions that prove their practical value on a daily basis.


We are always interested in meeting talented professionals, sharing the passion of our brands to help improve and grow the quality and efficiency of Dutch education and to support all its stakeholders.

Current openings

Unsolicited applications
Do you think you have the talent to contribute to Kofschip Groep’s growth and success? We welcome unsolicited applications, complete with résumé and motivation. Please contact anita.dingemans@kofschipgroep.nl.

Given our mission of high-quality education and optimal talent development, we are of course open to college students and graduates wishing to conduct research or work on their graduation assignments within our organisation. Please contact anita.dingemans@kofschipgroep.nl.

Combining forces drives smarter, more affordable ICT in education

SLBdiensten, Slim.nl and IT-Workz join forces

Already, SLBdiensten, Slim.nl and IT-Workz are working closely together in various areas of the education industry, among other things through MBOwebshop.nl, the online learning aid shop. Now, SLBdiensten will be joining forces with IT-Workz. This combination of mutual strength will see the emergence of a strong group of ICT companies catering to the needs of pupils, students and teachers and educational institutions and allowing for even greater efficiency in meeting the increasing demand for specialised ICT in combination with experience in the field of education.

The options for application of technology in the field of education are increasing dramatically, in line with the shifting expectations of students across the board. So far, however, these new opportunities are not being used to the full extent of their potential. It is not easy for educational institutions to properly make use of all the digital opportunities available to them. Now, with SLBdiensten and IT-Workz joining forces, specialised ICT experience in the field of education, along with the expertise to provide support and explanation, will be combined in one comprehensive service offering. This joint ICT experience will provide a broad range of specific benefits, from software & service licensing, data analysis and system implementation to maintenance, support and ICT innovation. SLBdiensten, Slim.nl and IT-Workz all have their origins in the education industry. And with this educational background embedded in their DNA, these organisations work closely together with schools and students on a daily basis, committed to facilitate better, smarter and more affordable deployment of ICT in the field of education. Together, SLBdiensten and IT-Workz provide software licenses, system management, identity control and educational technology training to a total of more than 900 educational institutions, with SLBdiensten, Slim.nl and IT-Workz reaching over 1 million students and education professionals.

Jeroen Borgsteede, directeur van SLBdiensten en Slim.nl: “Wij werken vanuit SLBdiensten voor het onderwijs in Nederland en zien veel onderwijsinstellingen een transitie richting cloud-IT maken. Tot nog toe hielpen wij ze met adequate licenties op high-end software (oa. Microsoft) tegen speciale Nederlandse onderwijs condities en het trainen en ondersteunen van alle gebruikers. Met de kennis, expertise en collega’s van IT-Workz kunnen we een stap verder en het onderwijs ook echt helpen op locatie en/ of om de potentie van alle ICT-technische mogelijkheden volop te benutten”. 

Jan Broeken, directeur van IT-Workz: ” Voor IT-Workz biedt deze bundeling tal van kansen. De samenwerking op het vlak van leermiddelen wordt nu nog steviger en de ervaringen en grote netwerken van SLBdiensten bieden weer toegang en kennis waarmee IT-Workz zich verder kan ontwikkelen als de trusted ICT-advisor voor het onderwijs.”

Rob Neutelings, voorzitter Raad van Bestuur ROC West-Brabant:” Vanaf 2007 heeft ROC West-Brabant de automatisering en het beheer daarvan geoutsourced aan IT-Workz. Nu de technologische ontwikkelingen in het onderwijs zich intensiveren is met SLBdiensten een stevige partner gevonden voor de verzelfstandiging van IT-Workz, waardoor hun kennis- en kunde breder toegankelijk wordt gemaakt voor het hele onderwijs in Nederland.”

In the words of Jeroen Borgsteede, director of SLBdiensten and Slim.nl: “At SLBdiensten, we serve the entirety of the Dutch educational community. What we are witnessing today, is a large number of educational institutions making the transition to cloud IT. So far, we have been assisting them by providing the appropriate licenses for high-end software from leading suppliers like Microsoft at conditions specifically created for the Dutch educational market and by training and supporting end users. With the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table, and with the added input of our colleagues at IT-Workz, we are now ready to take the next step and really help educational institutions on-site in taking full advantage of the potential ICT has to offer.” 

Jan Broeken, director of IT-Workz, adds the following comment: “For IT-Workz, this joining of forces opens up a world of new opportunities. Our companies will be working even closer together in providing learning aids, while the experience offered by SLBdiensten, combined with its extensive networks, will give us a broader range of access and the added knowledge we need to establish ourselves as a trusted ICT advisor for the educational industry.”

Rob Neutelings, chairman of the Board of Directors of ROC West-Brabant, shares the enthusiasm of his business partners: ”Ever since 2007, at ROC West-Brabant, we have been outsourcing our automation processes and full management thereof to IT-Workz. With the intensification of technological developments in the field of education, the company now has a strong partner in SLBdiensten, solidifying its position of independence and allowing both companies to make their expertise and skills available to the Dutch educational community on an even broader basis.”

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